Employee Outsourcing

Leasafric Employee Outsourcing Division acts as a Third Party Service provider that Recruits, Hires, Trains, and Outplaces a workforce as per client specifications within weeks. This workforce lands running and starts delivering as per client expectations as soon as they join. There onwards LEASAFRIC looks after the salary and benefits management, regulatory and statutory requirements, disciplinary and performance management matters and relieves the clients from all HR Management issues associated with their in-house staff.



At Leasafric Outsourcing, our certified, professional work force, supported by a highly developed sourcing network, provide expert management / support of our clients’ operations.  Our strategic outsourcing solutions allow companies to transform their operations enabling them to focus on their core competences – banking, finance, Fmcg, insurance, telecommunications etc.

Our strength in the industry manifests in the following areas:
  1. Management Team - We have an experienced management team
  2. Track Record - We have a proven track-record easily verified from our present clientele which include many quoted companies
  3. Continuity - We have been established for a number of years with proven financial stability
  4. C&I Leasing parent company of Leasafric prides itself on providing world-class services to its clients evinced by the NIS ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality management systems which we were awarded in 2007.
  5. We pride ourselves on our ability to be proactive in our dealings with our clients.



The benefits of outsourcing vary, dependent upon the nature and situation of your organization. However, the following are some of the reasons why YOU should outsource it to US:

  •  Lower costs due to economies of scale advantage transferred from the Staff Provider
  • Ability to concentrate on core functions
  • Greater flexibility and ability to define the requisite service more readily
  •  Higher quality service due to focus of the supplier
  •  Improved internal management disciplines resulting from the exercise itself
  •  Less dependency upon internal resources
  • Control of budget
  • Lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure
  • Greater ability to control delivery dates and quality (eg: via penalty clauses)
  • Benefit of the Staff Providers expertise
  • Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions
  • Purchase of industry best practice
  • Improve risk management
  • Acquire innovative ideas
  • Reduce commitment and energy in non core areas
  • Improve credibility and image by associating with superior providers
  • Gain market access and business opportunities through the supplier’s network
  • Turn variable costs into fixed costs
  • Create a flexible supply chain






Areas of Activity

HR Strategy

HR Policy Manuals
Job Description Documents
Job Evaluations
Performance Management Systems
Market Surveys


Employee Outsourcing

Drivers, Receptionists, Domestic staffs, Couriers, Drivers
Consumer Banking & FMCG Sales Staff


Executive Search Services

HR Audits
Executive Search / Head Hunting
Call Center Staff
Customer Services & Processing Staff
Supervisory Executive Staff
Testing & Evaluation





Defining Mission, Vision & Values
High Performance Forums
Management for Value Creation



Performance Management process
Developing Organization Structures,
Job Descriptions & Evaluations