Ancillary Services

Do you need executive transportation with a professional driver for your business partners, visitors travelling from abroad to spend a few days or weeks? Is your vehicle broken down or need an emergency vehicle to use for a short while?

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 On our tables, we serve the following menu:


LEASAFRIC offers these key value-adding services to clients on the lease and management of Operational Vehicles.  Included among these are:

  •  Affordable fixed rental rates are charged to help clients minimize costsin administrative, personnel and all other expenses associated with fleet ownership and management.
  •  We managing your transport system results in significant reduction of overhead expenses because we take over the burden of maintenance from our clients. Fleet Management Cost - Better budgeting and cost control thus avoiding any surprises related to maintenance cost.
  •  We have a robust software that guides effective management of our portfolio to measure up to clients’ expectations on service updates.
  •  Vehicles deployed on lease contracts would be packaged with installed GPRS tracking devices to offer maximum control and security. (Tracking vehicles allows users see actual, real-time locations of their fleet on a map/mobile phones). This is often used to quickly respond on events in the field.)
  • Provision of routine and non-routine maintenance/repairs of all leased equipments in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications at approved garages. We operate with a software known as Fleet log which is programmed to enable us monitor effectively our vehicle maintenance, servicing, licenses renewal and other associated information in respect of our vehicles.
  • People – Professionalism is our key trait to offering excellence client services. Come meet our well experienced, trained, friendlyand dedicated team of staff on hand to provide 24/7 ‘Mission Critical’ support and Customer care on all services rendered.

Provision of well trained and disciplined drivers to client. Drivers are trained periodically EXPECIALLY ON DEFENSIVE DRIVING so as to enhance the operations of client.


COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE  : All leased vehicles would be comprehensively insured and therefore accidents, damages and thefts of asset are covered. Due to the volumes of vehicles registered by Leasafric constantly with affiliated insurance companies, premiums are discounted resulting in reduced insurance premiums; and client benefits. In addition, we will have the following policies: Public liability and Workmen’s compensation Policy & Third party cover



LEASAFRIC LTD shall in addition to attaching LOG books to each vehicle, provide quarterly monthly reports on Fleet Operations in terms of:

  • Utilization level for each vehicle
  • Total weekly bill which will be invoiced every month.
  • Service failures and remedies
  • No of accidents


 LEAD TIME : LEASAFRIC will provide within two (2) weeks from date of communication or request, additional fleet to Client as long as the brand of vehicles are available on the market. Just in time to meet your operational schedules.